From the very beginning it was decided that a radar room would be added to the YAGR’S Exhibit. We realized that it would have to be scaled down in size, as there was no way a full sized radar room could be built due to space limitations in the exhibit area. A corner of the exhibit space was set-aside for this purpose.  

We erected bulkheads and an overhead, both make out of wood, added a watertight door, a joiner door and a porthole. This gave us a compartment that would serve as the radar room. 

Once we decided to add a video display to the display, an addition was added to house the computer and monitor that were needed for the video display setup. 

To make the radar room a little more interesting, we decided to build it as though it were on the main deck of a ship. To accomplish this we added an overhang, a bulwark and hand rails. 

Men who worked on the radar room. 

Tim Adams             AGR-11    Don Batty             AGR-9            

Roland Cote            AGR-10    Jack Floyd            AGR-11, YR-65      

Tom Giardina         AGR-3       John Hemminger   AGR-2                        

Mike Liska              AGR-11    Tom Manning        AGR-4

Henry MacKay        AGR-12    Harry Miller         AGR-11, YR-65      

Lee Mowan             AGR-11    Al Nannini             AGR-15

Mike Smith              AGR-12    Jim Spiegel           AGR-12 

The Battleship Massachusetts and the Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy helped us in securing the equipment needed for the set up of this display and Bob Walker (AGR-1) donated the watertight door.   


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