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301. Name:           Rick Keough
 eMail:                  r_keough@covad.net
 My Location:       Hopkington, MA
 My Ship:             USS Sierra AD-18
 Comments:          Nice web site!  I enjoyed looking through all the pages.

302. Name:           Bob Kramer
 eMail:                   bobkramer@aol.com
 My Location:        Summerfield, FL
 My Ship:              USS Outpost (AGR-10)
Was onboard '61-'63, RMSN-RM2. Had a fine Radio Shack crew: Skalski, Harris, Whitley, Turro, Spangler, Duncan, Parks, Tatum, and Carpenter to name a few. Remember freezing my butt off on many winter nights at the Main Gate waiting for the shuttle bus to the ship after an evening of falling in love at the Girls City Club. Great memories! Retired in '79 as RMCS.

303. Name:       Earl Molloy, MMC
 eMail:              jeanandearl@hotmail.com
 My Location:   grounded @ Schenectady, NY
 My Ship:         USS Watchman AGR-16
 Comments:     Last man of the original plank owner.

304. Name:       John Foster
 eMail:               jhf639@yahoo.com
 My Location:    Wolfeboro, NH
 My Ship:          USS Locator (AGR-6)
 Comments:      I served on Locator from July 63 until July 65. I was Operations Officer and served under Jim Donovan.
                         A great website!

305. Name:       Richard Keller RMC USCG RET
 eMail:               kellerrichardj@verizon.net
 My Location:    St Petersburg, FL
 My Ship:          USS Vigil AGR-12
 Comments:      I served on the Vigil from 1962 to 1965. My family lived in the base
                         housing outside the AIRSTA main gate. Had some great shipmates but the
                         underway time was awful for a dedicated family man. After being
                         discharged in 1969 from the USS Forrestal CVA-59 as an RM1, I enlisted
                         in the US Coast Guard and retired in 1980 as a Chief Radioman.

306. Name:       Norm Atwater
 eMail:              norman243@yahoo.com
 My Location:   Anderson, SC.
 My Ship:         USS Scanner AGR5
 Comments:     Served from 6/1964 to 7/1965 in R div as SFP2 decom ship.  Retired 1984 as HTCS.
                        If anyone remembers me send email.

307. Name:       Alan Klein CTR1 USNR(ret)
 eMail:               klein2902@charter.net
 My Location:    Roswell, GA
 My Ship:          USS Picket
 Comments:      I am a plank owner and served aboard Picket
                         from Feb. 1956 until Dec. 1957. Came aboard
                         as an RMSA and left RM2. Would like to hear
                         from other shipmates who served in that timeframe.

308. Name:       William Horswood
 eMail:              billhorswood@yahoo.com
 My Location:   Ayden, North Carolina
 My Ship:         USS Tracer (Formally USS Interrupter)
 Comments:     This is my new E-Mail address

309. Name:        Don Schleig-Hess
 eMail:               donschleighess@sbcglobal.net
 My Location:    San Jose, CA
 My Ship:          USS Tracer AGR-15
 Comments:      I was on the USS Tracer from Dec 1960 to March 1964.
                         I have since changed my last name from Foley to Schleig-Hess

310. Name:         Paul Dickinson
 eMail:                 pemd@udata.com
 My Location:      Wharton, Ohio
 My Ship:            USS Skywatcher

 311. Name:          TOM CLARKE
 eMail:                   tommy7815@sbcglobal.net
 My Location:        PARADISE, CA
 My Ship:              USS WATCHMAN AGR-16
 Date:                     April 20, 2009
                              CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA IN JANUARY 1959 .  I WAS AN E-3 RIGHT OUT OF 
                              EXTENDED FOR 6 MONTHS IN OCTOBER 1961 DUE TO THE BERLIN CRISIS). WHEN 
                              REMEMBER WHO THE OTHER WAS.  I WAS DISCHARGED AS AN RD-2.

312. Name:          Thomas Cole
 My Location:       Waianae,  Hawaii  96792
 My Ship:              USS Lookout  YAGR 2
 Date:                    April 28, 2009
 Comments:           My first ship. I was 18 yrs old in 1955

313. Name:          Leo Copeland EM1
 eMail:                  leo1@peoplepc.com
 My Location:       Palm Bay, FL
 My Ship:              USS Tracer AGR-15
 Date:                    May 3, 2009
 Comments:          Served 59 to 62

314. Name:          James Blankenship
 My Location:      
Lompoc, California
 My Ship:             
USS Investigator AGR-9
 Date:                    May 11, 2009
1963 and 1964

315. Name:          Bob Schoenbacher
 eMail:                  roberts@metrosuburbia.com
 My Location:       New York City
 My Ship:              USS Olmsted APA 188
 Date:                   June 8, 2009
 Comments:          RM2 served aboard the Olmsted Feb 1954 -March 1958.

316. Name:          Ed Harville
 eMail:                  leh99549@yahoo.com
 My Location:       Lakeside, Arizona
 My Ship:              USS Locator AGR-6
 Date:                   June 17, 2009
 Comments:          I served on the Locator from May 1960 until the first part of 1963,  then went to the    Destroyers until I retired as a QMC in September 1973.  YAGR duty was great duty.  Thanks for this great site.

317. Name:          Frank Rocheleau
 eMail:                  fandjroch@internet49.com
 My Location:       Placerville, CA
 My Ship:             USS Interceptor AGR-8
 Date:                   June 29, 2009
 Comments:          Nice site.  I was aboard from early 1963 to decommission.  Made RD1 while on board. 
                           If anyone who was on board remembers Bob Eubanks send him my address.  Thanks

318. Name:          Delmer Grommon
 eMail:                  fernwalls@yahoo.com
 My Location:       Kingman, AZ
 My Ship:             USS Outpost YAGR 10
 Date:                   July 31, 2009
 Comments:          Put the Outpost in commission in Philly.  Made 2nd IC Elect transferred to Blandy DD 943.  Loved the Outpost.  Retired in 76 - 22 plus years as ICC.  Would like to hear from plankowners.

319. Name:          Dick Heinrich
 eMail:                  dickheinrich1@yahoo.com
 My Location:       Holland, Michigan
 My Ship:             USS Interceptor AGR-8
 Date:                   Aug 2, 2009
 Comments:         Looking to find one of the round Interceptor patch's for my Navy scrapbook.  Dick Heinrich, Master Chief Radioman USN (Ret)

 320. Name:          Ray Cannon
 eMail:                   raycannon@clas.net
 My Location:      
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
 My Ship:             
USS Interdictor AGR-13

 Date:                   Aug 15, 2009
 Comments:         Went to the Interdictor out of boot camp in late 1962 until the ship was decommissioned in August, 1965.
                            From there, I was assigned to NMCB-9 out of Port Hueneme, California.  Was sent to DaNang, Vietnam to
                            join up with the SeaBees who had been there for six months.  Left the Interdictor and Navy as a YN3.

321. Name:          Bill McDowell
 eMail:                  wcmcdowell@bellsouth.net
 My Location:      
Cumming, GA
 My Ship:             
USS Lookout

 Date:                   Aug 15, 2009
Great job Harry!

322. Name:          James Buzbee
 eMail:                  jbuzbee@aol.com
 My Location:      
 My Ship:             
USS Searcher

 Date:                   Aug 20, 2009
I am hoping to talk to anyone who served with my dad, Edward Herman Buzbee, EN-1.  
                            He was burned to death Oct. 13, 1955 on board.  I     never  knew him, I was 2 years old. 
Please contact me if you knew him.  I realize it has been    50 years ago.  Thanks.  Retired Army MSGT.  Jim Buzbee

323. Name:          John Gerrity
 eMail:                  jajo68@verizon.net
 My Location:      
Trout Run, Pa   17771
 My Ship:             
USS Investigator AGR-9  NTAA

 Date:                   Sept 8, 2009
Please take note of my new E-mail address lissted above.  Still  waiting t o hear from any of the old gang.   Jack Gerrity  QM 3

324. Name:         Ronald L Benson
 eMail:                 atc.ron@zoominternet.net
 My Location:      
 My Ship:             
USS Guardian AGR1

 Date:                   Sept 8, 2009
I came aboard ship in the fall of 1960 and left in the fall of 1963, Worked in CIC looking for bad guys. Retired form the FAA in 2004.

325. Name:          Terrance Wood
  eMail:                  jinnynme@hotmail.com
  My Location:      
Ionia, MI
  My Ship:             
USS Protector ARG-11
  Date:                   Sept 28, 2009
Also know as "Woody" looking for my shipmates!

326. Name:          Hector Martinez
 eMail:                  topgunner001@aol.com
 My Location:      
Hayward, CA
 My Ship:             
USS Picket YAGR-7

 Date:                   Sept 29, 2009
 Comments:         I serviced aboard the Picket from 1956-1960. My brother Teles was also aboard the Picket.
I would like to hear from others who served on the Picket.

327. Name:          Raymond R. Corriveau
 eMail:                  raysrone@gmail.com
 My Location:       Saint James City, FL

 My Ship:             
USS Investigator

 Date:                   Oct 24, 2009
 Comments:         I served on the Investigator from 1957 through 1958.  I was a machinist mate 2nd class and am trying to find my friend Kenneth Bays, who served on the Investigator as an electrician mate 2nd class and was discharged in 1958.  Please contact me if you have any information.

328. Name:          Ralph Kleeber
 eMail:                  rkleefam@gmail.com
 My Location:      
Reedsburg, Wisconsin
 My Ship:             
USS Protector AGR 11

 Date:                   Oct 24, 2009
Hi everyone; just would like to say that another year has gone by and I have been reminiscing the time I spent aboard the USS Protector. We all sure had fun. At times it didnít seem so but looking back one can only remember the better times.   I spent most of my time in the paint locker so if most of you are like me and canít remember names, so that my help you to remember me. Hope I wasnít too much of a pain to you. The years I was on board were 1961 and 1962. Looking forward to seeing some of the pictures I sent posted on the web site. Well any way, I am now 65 years old and am hoping to be able to attend one of the reunions some day in the future after I retire. If anyone remembers me and want to say hi you can find me at the Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells, third shift Security Supervisor, or you can email me I will probably be keeping this address for a long time.

329. Name:          John J. Regan
 My Location:      
Tilton NH and winter in Orlando, FL
 My Ship:             
USS Investigator AGR 9

 Date:                   Nov 11, 2009
 Comments:         Was on the Investigator in 1960 as a Radioman, out of Davisville, RI.  I'm originally from Lawrence, Mass.

330. Name:          Tim Lavigne
 My Location:      
Albany NY
 My Ship:             
 Date:                   Nov 17, 2009
My father, Gene Lavigne, was a cook in the galley on board the Guardian. If you have any memories of him during your service, he and I would   love to here from you!

331. Name:          Terrence Cassidy
 My Location:      
Brookhaven, PA 19015
 My Ship:             
USS Picket AGR 7
 Date:                   Nov 21, 2009

I would like to know if there are any contacts from the Picket that were on board say Sept 58 to may 61

332. Name:          Clayton M. Erickson
 My Location:      
Nelson, MN
 My Ship:             
 Date:                   Nov 29, 2009
My Dad served on the Guardian 1958-1962 we would would love to hear from all of his shipmates. Dad said it was the time of his life loved his job and his shipmates!!

333. Name:          Terry Young EM3
 eMail:                  rtyoung@optoline.net

 My Location:       Brookhaven, NY

 My Ship:             
USS Investigator AGR9
 Date:                   Dec 6, 2009
I was aboard from 62 until decommissioning at Bayone. Love to hear from old shipmates.  John Grillo, Ed Faust, Jim Stanek, "The Beak" Jeffrey Loeb, Any one remember the  pickled eggs or Dizino's deep fried meat balls?
Thanks Harry great job!

334. Name:          Robert J. Young
My Location:         Ghana, West Africa
My Ship:             Scanner
 Date:                   Jan 30, 2010
I was on the Scanner from June 64  to July 65. I was a DC2 in "R"Div.

335. Name:          John Dinda
My Location:         Brewster, MA
My Ship:             USS Skywatcher AGR 3
 Date:                   Feb 1, 2010
I served on the Skywatcher from 1964-65.

336. Name:          Bill Rustic
eMail:                 wrustic@msn.com

My Location:        Viero, FL
My Ship:             USS Guardian AGR-1
 Date:                   Feb 2, 2010
I was the disbursing clerk from '61 to April '64.  N. Atlantic was the worst of the grids no matter what time of year.  I do remember the roue wave that stove in the fwd gun mount! and the picket duty off Key West in support of the Cuban blockade. Why didn't we get the Cuban Blockade medal??

337. Name:          Bob Buxton
eMail:                 rbuxton1@cox.net

My Location:        Litchfield Park, AZ
My Ship:             USS Watchman AGR-3
 Date:                   Feb 6, 2010

I was just surfing the net and stumbled onto your web site. I'm very glad to see that some are keeping the history of the Radar Picket Ships alive and well. I'm sure that it takes a lot of work and many long hours. You've done a outstanding job, congratulations!
The Watchman was my first ship assignment. I was just an 18 year old seaman duce right out of boot camp and Radar "A" school, Treasure Island, San Francisco. After working in the deck force for a month or two, I got to work with OPS CIC radar watches for a couple of weeks. Then, I was sent to the galley to be a mess cook for a couple more months. One of my fondest memories as a mess cook was taking a full garbage can up the ladder and to the stern to dump it overboard. We were on station 1 then and riding out a pretty rough sea. Just as I lifted the can the ship's stern pitched down to the sea level and water flooded the stern, knocking me down and soaking me from head to toe. The garbage can was lost overboard and I was grabbing anything I could get my hands on. The aft man overboard watch ran over to see if I was still on board, he saw that I had managed to stay on board and was okay. Then, he just started laughing his ass off.  I went back down below decks and had to explain to the chief cook what had happened and that we needed a new garbage can. He just started laughing his ass off as well. After that, I got the nickname "water boy".
After my mess cook days, I was permanently assigned to OPS CIC and stood many watches with a great bunch of guys. After 40+ years some names have faded from my memory but, I remember Rodd RD1, Baines RD2, Espinoza RD3, May RD3, and Poston SN.  By the time the ship was decommissioned I was an RD3 myself.
Finding this web site has brought back many memories.  I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates.  If any of you have old pictures or video conversions from those times I would love to get copies from you.  Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the USS Watchman and crew to share.  I have been busy copying all the internet web picture that I can find.

338. Name:          George C. Satter Jr.
My Location:         Churchville, New York
My Ship:             USS Outpost AGR-10
 Date:                   March 11, 2010
MM3 .. From 62 until decommissioned.

339. Name:          Reginald T. Walker
My Location:         Lowell, Massachusetts
My Ship:             USS GUARDIAN YAGR-1
 Date:                   March 21, 2010
 Comments:       H
i fellow shipmates,  what a wonderful site to leave messages...I was proud to serve aboard the Guardian between March 1956 and  December 1958...it was a wonderful experience and went a long way toward molding my life...ohh so m any memories...as we grow older, we, or at least I, revert to my younger and better years...I served as an Rm3 and to this day I can still recite the morse code...which of course is a thing of the past...I hope my former shipmates are doing well.
Reg. Walker

340. Name:          Darrell E. Brock
My Location:         Omaha, Nebraska
My Ship:             VIGIL (AGR-12)
 Date:                   March 23, 2010
Onboard from 10/62 - 03/64.  PN1.  Most boring duty in my 21 years of service, but it was a great opportunity to study for next paygrade (PNC).  Also let you stay out of trouble ashore 75% of the time.  Would like to hear from John COXE (YN).  Great site.

341. Name:          Pete Hinds
eMail:                  pete.hinds@hotmail.com

My Location:           
Harriman, TN

My Ship:             SHASTA A6
 Date:                   May 23, 2010
I am looking for any of my buddies from the USS Shasta A-6.  I was on her in 68.  Just started my search... appreciate any help getting in touch with my crew!    Thank You.    Pete Hinds

342. Name:          Hugh Lowery
eMail:                  wahi3540@gmail.com

My Location:         Oahu, Hawaii
My Ship:             USS SCANNER AGR-5
 Date:                   May 23, 2010
Served on Scanner as ETR-3 from 2/64 through 3/65. We traveled
from about Baha to off Canada. Never missed a meal.

343. Name:          Mike (Kiwi) Kerwin RD2
My Location:         Illinois
My Ship:             USS LOOKOUT AGR-2
 Date:                   May 22, 2010
Thanks for a great job on this site, served on her from 1960 to 1962, would love to hear from some old shipmates. 

344. Name:          Ron Weil
My Location:         Dayton, Ohio
My Ship:             USS SEARCHER AGR-4
 Date:                   May 29, 2010
Sorry I couldn't make the 2010 re-union cruise. See you all in 2011.

345. Name:          Don DeMent
My Location:         La Mesa, California
My Ship:             Watchman
 Date:                   June 14, 2010

346. Name:          Dennis A. Heffron
My Location:         Richland, WA
My Ship:             USS Investigator AGR 9
 Date:                   June 15, 2010
 Comments:        Served on the Investigator in 1961.

347. Name:          Robert Steup
My Location:         Middleburg, FL
My Ship:             USS Vigil YAGR-12
 Date:                   July 6, 2010
 Comments:        ET2 on board at commissioning

348. Name:          Ron Stasiak
My Location:         San Jose, Calif
My Ship:             USS Interceptor AGR 8
 Date:                   July 11, 2010
I was an EM second class, served aboard from sept 58 to aug 61. Does anyone remember when we sailed under the golden gate bridge with the 75' douglas fur tied to the main mast Christmas of 59/60?

349. Name:          David Weeks
My Location:         U.K.
My Ship:             USS
 Date:                   July 13, 2010
To all shipmates on the U. S. S. Skywatcher:
 Could anyone out there tell me what happened to the following shipmates after I departed to go to Sub School. I served on board from November '62 til some time in '64. The old shipmates I'm interested in hearing about are: Drew, BM1; Mealey, BM1; Bart Matheny, QM2; Russell Jensen, SM2 (ex - Operation Deepfreeze, Dunedin, New Zealand); Big John Stremel, AG2; and Dave Courtland, QMSN. I was a QMSA when I arrived on board and a QMSN when I left. I was known as "Bubblehead" because I was wanting to volunteer for sub duty.
 Yours sincerely, David J. Weeks, QM1(SS), USN(ret)  

350. Name:          Bob (Robert) Davis
eMail:                  fuzzy1494@hotmail.com

My Location:         Bumpass, Virginia
My Ship:             USS Searcher
 Date:                   July 18, 2010
In during Cuban missile crisis

351. Name:          Patrick E. Murray
eMail:                  patrick.murray@northcom.mil

My Location:     
My Ship:            
Command History Office
 Date:                   July 27, 2010
Very pleased to find such a helpful website on picket ships.  I have
been looking extensively for a very good, high resolution photograph of a
picket ship at sea. NORAD has a new exhibit in the Pentagon and we need a
good photo to replace the one poor quality photo we currently have.  would
appreciate your help.   PEM

352. Name:          Zach Freeman
eMail:                  americium@hotmail.com

My Location:     
Rialto, CA
My Ship:              USS Scanner AGR-5
 Date:                   Aug. 12, 2010
At a time when the world seemed bound and determined to destroy itself it was you guys who REALLY kept the peace.

353. Name:          James R Ruzeck
My Location:     
Tuscon, Arizona
My Ship:             
USS Scanner AGR-5
 Date:                   Sept. 7, 2010
It was one of the best times in my life.  I wish I would have re-enlisted.

354. Name:          Ron Weil
My Location:     
Mt Prospect, IL
My Ship:             
USS Searcher AGR-4
 Date:                   Sept. 7, 2010
Just received the latest YAGRGRAM #57. Will send in the registration for Nashville soon. Anyone else from the Searcher planning on      attending. Looking for Bill Britton who was on from 55-57.

355. Name:          Edward Harris
My Location:     
Douglassville, PA
My Ship:             
Guardian AGR-1
 Date:                   Sept. 16, 2010

My father, Edward Harris, was a member of the USN from 1958-62.  He served aboard the
USS Guardian as an Electronics Technician.  Anyone who remembers him please contact me.
Thank you

356. Name:          Ralph Tucker
eMail:                  ralphtucker@hotmail.com

My Location:     
Jasper, GA
My Ship:             
USS Outpost AGR-10

 Date:                   Sept. 21, 2010
Great job on the web site..........Ralph

"If you can read this, thank a teacher;

if you are reading it in English, thank a soldier."

Have a GREAT day!              

357. Name:          John O. Grettenberger
My Location:     
My Ship:             
USS Picket AGR-7  1959-1962
 Date:                   Oct. 7, 2010
 Comments:        Great job on the site.  Interesting to hear from "old" shipmates.  Hope to attend the Nashville reunion.  Thanks to all who   have worked to keep this organization alive and well.

358. Name:          Robert (Bob) Turner
eMail:                  gailt99@roadrunner.com

My Location:     
Auburn, ME
My Ship:             
USS Interceptor AGR 8
 Date:                   Dec. 22, 2010
 Comments:        Served aboard the Interceptor from early '62, was discharged at Treasure Island in March '64 as an MM2.  Great web site, don't know why I've taken so many years to look it up!!

359. Name:          Jim Weekley
My Location:      Simpsonville, SC

My Ship:             
Lookout YAGR-2
 Date:                   Dec. 23, 2010

I have just posted that I would like to attend the next reunion in Nashville but thought that I would also like to post this. I came to Charleston in January 55 right out of radar school in Norfolk to be at the commissioning of the ship. I was a SA and helped inventory all of the parts and pieces for the ship stores. That even included the eating utensils. When we were ready for sea, I was assigned the port lookout for the sea and anchor detail. We were to take on ammunition. The captain told the pilot that the ship was slow to answer the helm but the pilot didn't take into consideration the outgoing tide. We hit the end of the ammunition pier and had to stay in port till repairs were made to our bow. There was a light tower on the end of the pier. When we hit, two men that were standing there, they were off the pier before the tower hit the ground. I held that port lookout position until one trip into port when we rounded the island going to Davisville and I reported a red light off the port beam 325 yards, 2 feet and 6 inches. After that I was relocated to the CIC as a radar operator giving David "Tex" Ritter bearings and ranges. I finally got to go inside where it was warm. I left the ship in August of 57. There are some other stories but we will not talk about them right now. You are doing a great job on the web page. Thank you.

360. Name:          Darrell Brock
eMail:                  charleebrock@cox.net

My Location:      
Omaha, NE
My Ship:             Vigil (AGR-12)
 Date:                   Dec. 30, 2010
Happy holidays to all old shipmates (I guess we're all old now).  Served from 10/62 until 03/64.  Would like to hear from John Coxe.

361. Name:          Carl Weber
eMail:                  carlweb@sbcglobal.net

My Location:      
My Ship:             U.S.S. Interdictor AGR 13
 Date:                   Jan. 12, 2011
Served from Aug.'64 to decommissioning in Aug,'65 in "weather shack" as AGAN. Ship (Aug 7) and I (Aug. 19) were "decommissioned just a couple weeks apart. Spent last couple of months TAD to Hunter's cataloging and stowing loose materiel from ships being decommissioned. My first picket (Nov.'65) was fun as we hit heavy weather on the way to our station (20-25ft seas) with ship rolling as much as 34 degrees out of perp. Will never forget the all-day cruise up the Colombia River to Portland,OR at the end of a later picket.

362. Name:          Roch E. LaVault
eMail:                  captaingi@cox.net

My Location:      
My Ship:             USS Guardian
 Date:                   Jan. 20, 2011
I was a Bosun mate on the USS Guardian from 1960 to 1963.  After leaving the Navy in 1963, I sailed on U.S. Merchant ships.  For the last 20 years of my seagoing career, I was Captain of 900 ft. LASH vessels.  Finally retired in 1999 after 39 years at sea.

363. Name:            Stan Breedlove RM3
stan.sr@comcast.net                 stan.sr#comcast.net              s  s stan.sr@comcast.nets
My Ship:              USS Lookout AGR-2
Date:                    Feb. 17, 2011

Went aboard the USS Lookout directly out of school as an RMSN July 1961. RM2 Rick, can't remember his last name got me started, I caught up with her in Key West, Florida. I had some great times and, well, may some that weren't. Overall I enjoyed my picket tour. I left the YAGR fleet in 1963 as an RM3 for school. I am presently retired from the Navy as an RMC(SS), retired from Siemens Communications, and of course drawing my social security.

I remember RM2 Rick ????, RM1 Echo, RM2 Missing and RM3 Curley. Curley and I attended RM"A" school together. He came aboard just before I left   

364. Name:        Bob Kramer

My Location:
   Summerfield, FL
My Ship:           USS Outpost (AGR-10)
Date:                 Feb. 17, 2011
Was aboard the Outpost from 4/61-10/63. Came aboard as RMSN, left as RM2. Retired from USN in 4/79 as RMCS. Retired from civilian job in 1/06. Phone 352-205-0006. I log into YAGRS web page just about every morning - great site and your efforts are much appreciated, just wish it had more patronage. Maybe an exchange of memories consisting of shipboard happenings, liberties, etc. could promote more activity.

365. Name:       Bob Robinson
eMail:                easyst@nwi.net
My Location:   
Wenatchee, WA
My Ship:
Date:                 March 8, 2011
I'm trying to find out about weather observations that were taken aboard the Picket ships stationed along the US west coast. I know surface weather obs were taken, because tremendous falling pressure at one of the ships was the first indicator of the massive Columbus day storm of 1962. Were there also upper air soundings made? This would have been balloon-carried electronic instruments (radiosondes). During 1964, while working at Stanford Research Institute, I retrieved film from cameras mounted on radar scopes on several of the ships when they docked at Treasure Island, for the purpose of atmospheric investigations.


366. Name:       Steve Mierzejewski
eMail:                smjm@bex.net
My Location:  
Toledo, OH
My Ship:         
USS Searcher AGR-4
Date:                March 16, 2011
I've been going to reunions, but have not found many guys from when I was aboard (Nov 62-June 65). Would like to hear from someone from that time. Thanks for the great website


367. Name:      Ron Lasher BM3
captronus1@yahoo.com      s1@yahoo.com
My Location:   Albany, NY

My Ship:
        USS Investigator AGR-9
Date:               March 22, 2011
  On board 9/58 to3/61 - transferred to dd708

368. Name:       Fred H. Kirchhoefer
My Location:   Nixa, MO
My Ship:
         USS Investigator AGR-9
Date:                March 27, 2011
Served on board 1958-1961 after getting through OCS

369. Name:      Robert Steele
My Location:
   Elkton, FL
My Ship:         
USS Searcher AGR-4
Date:                March 27, 2011
Comments:     My new email address

370. Name:      Mike Jones qm3
My Location:  Augusta, GA

My Ship:       
USS Scanner AGR-5
Date:              March 29, 2011
Comments:   Boarded out of boot camp 1962. Was a deck ape, ag with B.C Naylor, qm with Bishop&Hayes. Made 3rd class & made final trip to decomm. Great ship, crew & friends!!